I presented Connected Flow at the 2018 Society for Shamanic Practice Conference. These are the images and notes for that presentation. 

What is Fascia? Its structure and function in a nutshell. 

  • Loose fascia fills our interstitial spaces, and hydrates our movements. Deep fascia holds our parts, and creates form and movement. Loose fascia hydrates deep fascia. Dehydrated fascia is a major problem for function. Our mission is to get the hydration flowing.

  • Fascia acts as an ancillary nervous system, both in its chemical communications, and its interlinked nature, holding us up with tensegrity. The water in fascia is part of this communication system.

  • Adhesions and other blockages in the fascia create widespread movement inhibition. The sarape fascia gets blocked, and life's flowing energy gets blocked. 

  • References: Functional FasciaSlings in MotionAnatomy TrainsNational Institute of Health, the fascial system

Fascia's mirrors: Mycilium and the Stars

Fascia looks amazingly like mycelium and star stuff. Its as though we are mirrors of above and below. Mycelium is the fungus, mushroom's roots, that wraps around roots, and decaying matter. Mycelium is the 5th kingdom, and permeates the soils across the planet.  The heavens shimmering web of life is evident in all sorts of ways -  the Star's light, Dark Matter itself, and of course, the fabulous Gas Nebulas from which we are all born. 

In between the sky and earth is us - of course! And here are some images to help draw this wisdom forward. In Connected Flow we call in the Spirits of the earth, the stars, the water and our sacred center tree, with the intention of bringing the Flowing Rhythm in this interwoven web through our hands to help our clients. 

Water, Fascia, and Release

The importance of water in fascia 

  • The water in the fascia has the same chemistry as sea water

  • We can merge with the energy and flow of the ocean, and pass that wave through our hands into the body of our client

  • That wave will resonate in the fascia, and the client will experience deep releases of restrictions in the fascia (and tension in the muscles?). 

Connected Flow

When we connect to the flowing energy in creation. we can pass that power through our hands and create deep relaxation and release in our clients (and ourselves!). The Water is the big boost, because the water in our fascia feels the energetic water between our hands, and it responds!

It's really amazing to Connect, and then lay our hands onto a friend, with the intention of discovering and releasing their fascial restrictions. We will do this together in the workshop. First, Flowing though places where we are commonly restricted (shoulders for example) and then asking our hands to speak to the body through the flow, and working on the places the body says it needs. We will be fully clothed and our hands will be on safe places at all times. 

Cranial Sacral?

We will discover that the Flow Rhythm is often the same as the client's cranial rhythm. This allows us to use Connected Flow as a form of cranial sacral treatment, especially with horses. I use it to accentuate a release, and to bring the horse to still point. I don't personally try to release each little head bone, I work on the main fascial bands across the horses whole body. 

Doing the work

In Connected Flow workshops I will present a series of techniques you can use with horses, dogs and cats, to bring the Connected Flow through their bodies, to release common fascial restrictions our 4 legged friends experience. It requires some practice with getting the feel in your hands, and some structural anatomy education. (Just a little bit). I am certified in The Masterson Method, and will be showing you some basic techniques, and we will be borrowing from Anatomy Trains concepts of fascial movement lines and anchoring points.

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