Stepping Out with your Power Animal

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Long new Stepping Out with your Power Animal (1).png

Stepping Out with your Power Animal


2 hour class live and/or on ZOOM - see events for dates and times

We will deepen our connection to our Power Animal first through merging, and then by going on a grand adventure with our Animal seeing the Spirit World, and our own homes, through their eyes and on their wings.

We will begin to understand how Spirit merges with us to guide our lives, seen and unseen. And we will appreciate the Power Animals ability to guide our path, and protect us with their immense strength and wisdom. 

Even the smallest mouse has immense strength. We will learn to respect the creative power that pulses through all of creation, and be humbled by the compassionate love our Power Animal shares with us. 

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This class builds your relationship with your Power Animal, and gives you experience with the most important Shamanic skill - merging with Compassionate Spirit Allies. Your Power Animal will be your anchor in everything you do in the shamanic word - your guide, your protector, and your wisdom keeper. There is no more important Shamanic relationship.

Perfect for beginners and advanced Journeyers, Stepping Out will enrich your shamanic world and give you a closeness to Spirit for every aspect of your life.

  • Connecting with your Power Animal and Setting Co-Created Intention

  • Dancing your Power Animal to honor them and develop your merging skills

  • Merging in the Spirit Realm to experience the world with their senses

  • Asking for advice - a cornerstone of Shamanic Practice

  • And further ideas for your continued growth.

Welcome to Shamanic Journeying with your Power Animal. Your world will open in beauty.